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We raise our Maltese in a our house that thrives even in apartments and small confines. This breed can be difficult to housebreak, and they tend to be finicky eaters but we make sure all our dogs are house broken before leaving to a new home. These dogs are light shedders and are acceptable pets for most allergy sufferers. Daily brushing and regular bathing are recommended in order to prevent coat matting. The hair around the eyes should be cleaned daily in order to prevent tear staining. My specialty is to breed each of my puppies for calm temperaments that are lovable and cheerful, not nervous or aggressive.


They can be snappy with raucous children. The petite build of the Maltese belies its fearless presence. Highly alert, the Maltese elicits a flurry of barking in response to unfamiliar noises.

Living With

The Maltese is a suitable indoor dog that thrives even in apartments and small confines. They tend to be finicky eaters. Maltese are light shedders and are acceptable pets for most allergy sufferers.


My Maltese are super smart I am able to paper-train them in a few days. They can be taught lots of tricks and are one of the few toys that show in AKC obedience trials. buying a maltese from us is the bes choice

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I wean my puppies between 5 and 6 weeks. When they are eating on their own I begin to paper-train them. They get their first Parvo shot at 6 weeks and the Distemper combination 10 days later. They have 3 sets of shots and are checked by the veterinarian before they go up for sale at 10 to 12 weeks old...

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Initially he looked for breeders within a 250 mile radius of where we live, but when he’d find one there was always a red flag. Eventually he came across Jaco Maltese and we both began to delve into the information on the website. We were impressed with everything we read, but could we believe what we read? My husband began communicating with Barb Shewmake by text and arranged a conference call with her. She was absolutely delightful and it was clear she loved and adored her dogs, was an expert on the breed, and wanted to make sure that we were the right fit for one of her dogs. Prior to that call we had been pretty sure Jaco Maltese was where we needed to adopt, but after our conversation with Barb by phone we were 100% confident we were talking to a top notch breeder. Soon after we submitted our paperwork to adopt, Barb notified us she had a female pup available for adoption. We were thrilled! And we gave her the very special name of Ruby Jane

While Ruby Jane wasn’t quite ready to leave her momma, Barb’s daily videos were awesome! We could track her development, along with her brother and sisters, and see her growth and sassy personality. I shared those videos daily with family and friends. Our excitement for Ruby Jane grew as we watched the videos and we were so happy when Barb notified us that Ruby Jane was ready to go to her new Kentucky home.


I do not have a large kennel, and none of my dogs are ever kept outside.

Certified Tutors

We are certified breeders and we are proud that we are loyal and genium to all our customers

Small Sizes

We also raise cute teacup sizes and also regular Maltese, we are open to give the best

Maltese Care

My Maltese live with me inside my very clean and well cared for Country Ranch home on 2 acres of manicured yard for my dogs to enjoy.

health Issues

Never leave your dog in a hot car or hot unventilated area.


My Puppies Are… From Genetically Sound parents

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In case you’d like to crate train your puppy here are some guidelines: The first few nights will be hard on you and your puppy. He/she is used to sleeping with siblings and going to the bathroom whenever the urge strikes. Now he/she will have to learn to sleep alone in a crate. This is quite a shock at first. Don’t worry though, they’ll learn to love the crate as dogs are den animals and seek a protected area when they sleep. Most likely your pup will wake up in the middle of the night with an urgency in his voice that tells you he needs to go potty. At this point you will probably need to get up or clean up. So be prepared to lose a little sleep for a while. The crate can also be a safe place to keep him safe when you can’t watch him in the house. Constant supervision is always important in the first few weeks. This will assure that he/she will learn quickly what is appropriate behavior.

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We offer shipping within USA & Canada

Before we ship a dog we will first look to see where the closest airport is to ship your puppy our experts only ship puppies on airlines that implement a program for the safe transportation of pets. After choosing an airport, we will begin coordinating all delivery process and considerations. We will then book your flight on the day of your puppy’s journey. Once all of the paperwork is filled out and your dog is checked in at the airport, you will receive an email and/or phone call which will update you on how everything is going. During the day of the flight, we will continually be updating you on the progress of the flight schedules until your dog arrives safely in your arms.

We fly puppies priority out of our area. We ship with American Airlines, They hand carry live animals on and they are in a holding cell just below the cockpit that is temperature controlled and pressurized. We also put a hand warmer (when necessary) securely wrapped in with you new baby so they are perfectly safe and warm. We ship Everyday except on holidays, and shipping cost is $189 to most destinations in the United States.

We will coordinate flight times with our customer a few days in advance before the dog is being shipped (weather permitting). The customer is supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill number, and flight arrival time prior to departure.
It is recommended that the customer arrive at the airport no later than the expected flight arrival time so that your dog is not waiting at the airport for any length of time. In the case where delivery is to be done at home, the customer is recommended to be at home at the specified hour of delivery.

Health Guarantee

he Buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within two (2) days of receiving of the puppy excluding Sunday and holidays. A copy of the examination (vet report) must be sent to the Seller by e-mail or fax within four (4) days of receiving of the puppy. Failure to comply will render this guarantee void..

The buyer is responsible for the daily health care and maintenance of the pet, including all immunizations and examinations recommended after purchase, as well as providing necessary medication and follow-up treatments from veterinarian visits. In order for the guarantee to remain in effect you must keep receipts and records to verify that you have taken your pet to a duly licensed veterinarian for checkups and all required immunizations.

If the Buyer declines the replacement puppy, then the Seller shall be under no further obligation and it will be deemed that the Buyer has released the Seller from any and all further claims.

Teacup Puppies is our specialty

We offer tiny teacup breeds and a variety of gorgeous teacup puppies and high end dogs and tiny toys with gorgeous faces and beautiful coats. We have absolutely stunning Teacup Maltese, Teacup Yorkies for sale, Teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale, Teacup Poodle puppies, Morkies for sale , Teacup Maltipoos puppies for sale and much more. We have a great guarantee which covers all our Teacup Puppies and toys covered for 14 day viral and one year guarantee. We are a Puppy Store that take pride on our customer service. We offer financing on our teacup puppies and it's very simple.

We also have a fabulous Dog Boutique with luxury items - pet supplies for you.   We specialize in tiny dog clothing specially made for teacup breeds.   . Credit cards are accepted, you can visit our beautiful boutique located in Texas or we can ship on of our beautiful teacup puppies anywhere in the states.

  We do not ship out of the country but we can assist you with information on the documents you might need to travel back to your country.  You are welcome to come and visit any teacup puppy that you might be interested in. We also have beautiful French Bulldogs and other tiny breeds. If you don't find the teacup puppy that you are looking for on our website, please send us an email with the exact description that you are looking for because we can find that perfect baby for you.

Shipping Safety

We do ship and it's very safe.  We use different airlines and all you have to do is show your ID at your closest airport and they give you the puppy so it's very simple.   We do all the reservations and then call you on friday after 4 p.m. to give you the flight time.

Puppies need to eat a lot–and not too much. You should be able to feel but not see their ribs, and they should have a visible waist when you look down at them. This is true for puppies of any breed, big or small.

In general, you should follow the guidelines on the back of the bag of dog food, and adjust up or down depending on your puppy’s appetite and body condition.

What Kind Of Food?

Generally speaking, puppy food is higher in protein and enriched with vitamins, minerals, and fats essential for growth–that is, when compared to dog food made by the same manufacturer. Still, ingredients across brands can vary greatly. Commercial puppy food must meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrient standards for growth, and many companies go above and beyond those standards, testing their products to make sure they support puppies’ development.

It’s more likely to have the extra nutrients a puppy needs until he’s full grown. (Ask your vet for guidelines on when that might be–small dogs of course mature more quickly than big dogs.) Regular food labeled “for all life stages” is fine too.

At around eight to 12 weeks of age your puppy is probably eating three to four times a day. He doesn’t have to eat that many times though. If it suits your schedule to feed him only twice a day, just divide the amount of food you’d normally give into two meals instead of three or four.
After he’s six months old you can–and should–reduce the number of meals you feed him to two. Start reducing the amount of food he gets as well, following guidelines provided by food manufacturers, adjusting as needed. If you’re feeding too much, most dogs will let you know by leaving some behind in his bowl.

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$710 / male or female


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  • Vaccination
  • AKC registration

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We are dedicated Maltese breeders and exhibitors of A.K.C. registered Maltese puppies. We breed absolutely adorable Maltese Puppies.

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